Learn a safe, healthy vocal technique that will



With more than 25 years of experience as a vocal instructor, I have worked with all levels of students, from beginners to advanced and have had great success in helping individuals develop a reliable vocal technique that they can apply across multiple music genres.


Anyone can learn to sing and to use his or her voice properly through determination, hard work and careful practice. In singing, one’s body is one’s instrument. Understanding the technique and mechanics of how the body and breath support the voice is the first step to obtaining vocal freedom, consistency, and confidence.

My teaching is based on principles of Bel Canto and Alexander Technique combined with over 25 years of voice study with leading teachers of singing. During lessons, I attempt to identify and remove any existing habits a student may have, which could cause throat or body tension. These tensions often result in throat fatigue, and limited projection, range, and expression. I work with the student to replace those habits with healthy habits - which will encourage proper body function and healthy coordination of the vocal organ. This type of training will create freedom and ease in vocal production, and will expand the student’s range and freedom of expression. Principles of posture, breath, resonance, focus, and articulation are also explored in these sessions.

Once these principles are clearly understood they can be applied through the practice of vocalizes and exercises.  As coordination and balance of these elements is achieved the voice will begin to reveal its true nature and will grow in range, volume, facility, and freedom. As healthy habits become second nature, the singer can begin to focus more attention on artistry, interpretation, and self-expression, which will lead to the true joy of singing.