Miss Saigon, North Shore Music Theatre

Miss Saigon, North Shore Music Theatre

“I spent years getting by with what voice I had.  I worked consistently, in both musicals and plays, but I always felt like my voice was only barely capable of handling whatever show I was doing.  Within my very lesson, Martin began the process of freeing my voice from restrictions and wear-and-tear.  His practice is customized to my needs, and the results have been quick!  I’m singing and speaking with so much more ease, range, and expression now.  After 30 years in the biz, I feel more resilient and I sound better than ever.  Thank you, Martin.”

Francis Jue - Broadway Actor and Singer

“Since studying with Martin I have gained clarity and depth in my understanding of the way I sing. I appreciate the specific, individualized approach he uses in working with my voice. Martin's commitment and passion for seamlessly combining vocal technique with artistry have greatly influenced my work as a singer and actor.”

Lydia Gaston - Broadway Actor and Singer

Central Avenue Breakdown, NYMF

Central Avenue Breakdown, NYMF

“Martin takes time to help you confidently find and excel with your own voice. He understands how the vocal mechanism works and he shares this knowledge to help you train and best utilize your voice.” 

Albert Christmas - Broadway Actor and Singer

“Before working with Martin, I went to a few acting coaches. I’m primarily a dancer and haven’t had much proper acting training, but being a performer I know when the session is working and when it’s not. While I was disappointed in sessions with other coaches, Martin made me feel comfortable right away and I could tell it was going to be a great session. On top of it I was able to book the job! My experience with Martin’s coaching perfectly balances the emotional connection to a character and the technique and control needed to focus the performance. I will definitely go back to him!”

Sumie Maeda - Broadway Dancer, Actress, and Choreographer


"I am a model and an actress and have been working with Martin for the past year. Working with Martin has given me the confidence to go to the next level in my career. I have worked with many voice teachers and Martin is the only one who has been able to pinpoint the exact areas I needed to work on and gently guide me to improving vocal control in ways I never knew was possible. Martin has given me the tools on how to use my breath as a way go relax during an audition as well as using my breath to empower the full force of my voice."

Julie Henderson - IMG Model and Actress

"Martin Sola is an insightful, motivating, nurturing teacher and coach. He gently guided me through a character development for a stage play in New York. As a vocalist, I felt intimidated and insecure about performing dialogue without music. Martin helped me to find truth and simplicity in my delivery without diminishing the complexities and layers of my character. He created a relaxed atmosphere for exploration and really listened to me - it was great working environment.  I highly recommend him and hope to work with him again."

 Angela L. Owens – Opera Singer and Actress

“I prepared Mother Abbess from "The Sound of Music" with Martin a couple of years ago. I was nervous about the spoken dialogue and felt like I was in a bit of a rut - I didn't know HOW to rehearse it. In our work together, he gave me several different ways to approach line-readings, which helped loosen me up and feel like I could come at it different ways and truly play with it until I found the right way for me. Very much the "teach a man to fish" technique because I could apply it to every scene in that show, and moving forward, I can apply it to other roles, and fabulously - to any songs, arias, and music I study and perform, even in various genres. That is the real strength of the way Martin works - teaching you HOW to work on repertoire.”

Jessica Bowers – Operatic Mezzo- Soprano

“Since the first class, I knew he was the right teacher. He listened to me and his remarks were similar to what my teacher from Music Conservatory in Paris. It was such a relief to finally meet someone who knows what singing is about! We had classes for several years. He has been a great coach, keeping my motivation up and training me for new auditions. On top of being an excellent teacher, he has always been a kind person, happy to joke around at times and to get serious again when needed. I highly recommend Martin to anyone who truly wants to improve his or her classical music skills.

Silvia Laffont - Singer

Bastille Day Celebration - Novotel NYC

Bastille Day Celebration - Novotel NYC


“When I started working with Martin, I had a very general knowledge of technique that lacked the nuances that are necessary for the growth I needed to be professionally competitive. My breathing technique was not consistent or sound. I had a strong belt and mix but was very tentative about my head voice.  I actually thought that I wasn't built for that. Martin not only taught me healthy use of my head voice, but his lessons revealed that, apparently, I'm a lyric soprano. I had no idea! Within a few months I was singing soprano pieces that I had coveted since I was 12 years old. I was shocked. My work with Martin has been one of the best investments of my artistic time and energy, and it has been invaluable to my professional endeavors.”

Melanie Meadows - Actor/Singer

“There is no other way to say it. I would not be the singer I am today without Martin. Beyond my voice, the greatest thing about Martin is he truly cares, plain and simple. Yes, he wants you to improve your technique. Yes, he wants to teach you proper breathe support. But most importantly, he is a mentor who wants you to succeed and tailors his lessons to the particular way you learn. While it's amazing to learn from someone who is successful himself and you see his methods working, it's more important to put your career in the hands of someone who will have your best interests at heart.”

Kevin Martinez - Actor/Singer

"I have been working with Martin for the past seven years and under his guidance, patience and energy I was able to fulfill a dream of performing for my wife at our wedding. I can't thank Martin enough for providing a comfortable and positive environment that ensured I developed the skill set and confidence to perform. I can honestly say that not only has Martin been a teacher and mentor but has become a friend." 

Rob Ingwer - Attorney